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New rates

Starting from today we upscale our pricing schedule. Old rates remain without changes. A new rate for one day is added


Changes in the Tariffs

We have added the option to buy a proxy for 6 months with the discount of 25%, and increased prices for mail tariffs


Free private proxy for 6 hours

We have increased the duration of the free test till 6 hours

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General questions
Awm Soft

Q: Можете прям сюда(в ICQ, Skype) скинуть 5-10 прокси для теста
A: К сожалению, это технически невозможно, так как, чтобы прокси заработали вам нужно прописать ваш IP в настройки нашего сайта, поэтому отправленные вам в мессенджер прокси работать не будут

Q: What proxies do you provide - IPv4 or IPv6?
A: All our proxies are of IPv4 format; we provide no IPv6 proxies

Q: Why is it sometimes so that BitCoin payments are credited in several days?
A: It is a seldom case! Dear clients, we use Merchant API from blockchain which faces problems sometimes. The payment may have many confirmations, but blockchain still does not send us notification, and we cannot credit it manually. Therefore, you should wait for automatic transfer. We cannot affect it

Q: How to enable proxy server in my browser?
A: Refer to illustrated instruction on how to use proxies

Q: My external IP address is often dynamically changed. What should I do?
A: There are several ways to use a proxy:
a) Use software for IP entering
b) Enter a new IP address in your account settings every time
c) Use a proxy with a login and password
d) Use the API key link and register your IP by opening a special link

Q: How can I register my IP through the API? 
A: In order to register your IP using the API key, just open a link:

If you do not specify "&ip=", the IP address will be registered where this link was opened

Q: Today quality/speed/number of proxies decreased, can you do anything?
A: There are periods when the quality, number and speed of the proxies go down, and we cannot help it no matter how hard we try, for it is impossible to provide the same number of proxies at 3.00 a.m. as in the daytime, and the same situation is observed on weekends

Q: Moneyback is possible only within the first three hours after the purchase. After three hours, the money will not be returned. Moneyback is possible only if the account has been topped up through Bitcoin, Yandex Money or Perfect Money. Moneyback is not possible if the money has been paid through RoboKassa, Interkassa, or with a credit card. We can also refuse to return money for some accounts.
A: Рекомендуем купить дешевый тариф "Однодневный" и оценить качество, перед покупкой серьезного тарифа, так как манибек мы не предоставляем

Q: I subscribed for a month, but I won't use it during next week. Can I suspend service?
A: Unfortunately, it's impossible. We are only able to provide moneyback according to the abovementioned terms

Q:What is the fastest way to obtain subscription for private HTTP/SOCKS proxies?

A: 'Register OR Log in. Then go to page tariffs and choose the test tariff.
Enter the IP-address which you are planning to use the service from in account settings
The entire list of socks proxy which you can easily use will be available on the http://awmproxy.net/socksproxy.php page.

Q: How many free tests can I take?
A: You can take only one free test

Q: I was banned for repeated use of a test, but I've ordered it for the first time. Can you remove the ban?
A: Dear friends. Our paid users can suffer in connection with a huge quantity of users willing to use proxies for free. Therefore, we had to block and do to provide free test anymore. If you've been banned at the test rate (even by mistake), you should not write to our support service and ask to get test manually. We NEVER explain the ban reason to anybody and do not give a test manually. The only way to use proxies again is buying the rate!Thank you for understanding

Q: I don't need so many proxies or so many streams. Can I have a cheaper individual tariff plan? Do you provide any discounts? Is it possible to buy 10 proxies for a day?
A: Unfortunately, all tariffs are defined in the system and we are unable to make individual tariff settings

Q: Proxies do not work, what to do?
A: Enter the IP in the settings and wait 7 minutes then. Also verify your IP in the proxy checking block . If it doesn't help, write to the support service, and we will help you

Q: From how many IP addresses at a time can I use the proxies? How can I use them from two IPs?
A: Only one IP can be associated with each of the accounts, but it can be changed as many times as you like. If you need to use the proxies from multiple IPs, you will have to register a new account and purchase another subscription

Q: Are you proxies suitable for the ... particular website or ... software?
A: We only provide the proxies but we do not use them ourselves, so we do not know that.

Q: Why do you have 1 IP with different ports? I need many different IP addresses
A: Those are gates, and every port is associated with its own external IP address. It's the peculiar feature of our technology: all the proxies are connected to our server and operate through it. Every port has one IP address associated with it. This has no effect on the speed or quality

Q: Why was I banned? I used fewer threads then I purchased?
A: Each software calculates the streams in a different way, and it is often unable to close the connection on time. Besides, when you set 100 outgoing streams, you often don't take into consideration that the software may simultaneously check the proxies with another 100 threads

Q:Yesterday the rate was high. And today it is low and does not increase. What is the problem?

A: The rate depends on many factors: server power, rate of the channel of your server, daytime (there are more proxies at night); the end site you refer to may have banned our proxies
Anyway, we provide the maximum number possible, we don't reduce or cut anything and we can't produce any effect on the quality

Q:How frequently the list is updated?

A: The list is updated each 10 minutes on 3 %. We recommend you to load a txt-file each 10 minutes

Q:What protocols are supported?

A: Anyway, we provide the maximum number possible, we don't reduce or cut anything and we can't produce any effect on the quality Websites available at "https" protocol will open only if you enter your IP in settings. If you use proxies on login-password, then https sites will not function

Q:What countries are among these IPs?

A: You can come across practically any country. Before buying a proxy, you can see the actual information: the current number of proxies and the countries.

Q:How to use proxies in cURL for PHP?

A: The simplest code:
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXY, "");
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, "user_awmproxy.com:password_to_site");
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH, 1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE, 5);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, "http://whatsmyip.net/");
echo curl_exec($ch);