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Changes in the Tariffs

We have added the option to buy a proxy for 6 months with the discount of 25%, and increased prices for mail tariffs


Free private proxy for 6 hours

We have increased the duration of the free test till 6 hours


Russian proxies are only included in the unlimited tariff plans.

From now on, the Russian proxies are only available in the unlimited tariff plans. The users of the other tarrif plans have to update their links! The Russian proxies are not available for you!

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Price HTTP/SOCKS proxies

Here are the rates for private HTTP/SOCKS proxy. These are our own proxies, and anybody has an access to them, except of our clients who have bought proxies. We do not sell proxies collected over the Internet which are available for everybody, so-called Public proxies, we distribute them for free. If you need the best proxies for serious work on the Internet, then you're welcome to have a look at our rates below
The quantity of proxies is not exact, and can be either larger or smaller

Unfortunately, we limit commercial work with Google (over 100 000 inquiries per day)

Платеж будет проведен в рублях по курсу ЦБ на дату совершения платежа
    • Quantity of private proxies12 000
    • Quantity of flows for account:unlimited

    Free test of our proxies is an excellent idea if you yet have not decided yet, whether you need to buy our proxies or not.
    Some hours will be enough to estimate our brilliant quality and quantity of proxies. This rate is similar to the "Unlimited" rate

    • Duration 4 hours
    • Free

  • Limited
    • Quantity of private proxies9 000
    • Quantity of flows for account:350 flows per second

    This is our initial rate which goes well for the majority of tasks. The rate includes proxy from all countries of the world, except of Russia, and suits well for the majority of tasks
    This rate is limited on flows and does not include qualitaty Russian proxies

    • The Russian proxies are not included
    • Email sending is prohibited

  • Unlimited
    • Quantity of private proxies12 000
    • Quantity of flows for account:unlimited

    This is our most popular rate which will satisfy all your requirements. You get our whole proxy base including proxies from Russia of high qualitaty, without flows limitations. Perfect variant for work with facebook, vk.com, avito, yandex and other frequently used services
    We recommend this rate our clients.

  • Google
    • Quantity of private proxies12 000
    • Quantity of flows for account:unlimited

    К сожалению, на обычных тарифах мы вынуждены ограничить количество запросов к Google, YouTube и ReCaptcha. На обычных тарифах ограничение состовляет 100 000 запросов в сутки. На этом тарифе ограничение запросов к google практически нет.
    We recommend this tariff for work with IP Google

  • E-mail unlimited
    • Quantity of private proxies12 000
    • Quantity of flows for account:unlimited

    This rate is perfect for mailing. Currently, this is the best solution for mass mailing on the Internet

  • Мы работаем с платежными системами VISA и Mastercard:

    Цена и валюта транзакции
    Цена предоставлена в долларах США и зависит от тарифа и срока покупки. Цены представлены на этой странице выше

    Адрес местонахождения торговца, контактная информация
    • LLC "Evolution"
    • 123105, г.Москва, ул. Обручева д.17 офис 5
    • ИНН 7703390395
    • info@awmproxy.com +7 905 216 2515

    Название торговца в выписке по картам - Awm Team

    Условия доставки товара, оказания услуги
    Товар предоставляется путем открытия доступа к списку и разрешением использования списка прокси. После оплаты вы получаете интернет адрес списка прокси и возможность открыть его для вашего IP

    Отмена заказа и возврат
    Возврат товара возможен только в первые 3 часа после покупки

    Политика конфиденциальности персональных данных