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New rates

Starting from today we upscale our pricing schedule. Old rates remain without changes. A new rate for one day is added


Changes in the Tariffs

We have added the option to buy a proxy for 6 months with the discount of 25%, and increased prices for mail tariffs


Free private proxy for 6 hours

We have increased the duration of the free test till 6 hours

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Proxy from Republic of Moldova

Online proxies from country Republic of Moldova - 133
#   City amount
2 Proxy City 29
3 Proxy City Cahul 3
4 Proxy City Floreti 1
5 Proxy City Municipiul Balti 6
6 Proxy City Municipiul Bender 8
7 Proxy City Municipiul Chisinau 67
8 Proxy City Orhei 1
9 Proxy City Raionul Edine 1
10 Proxy City Streni 1
11 Proxy City Teleneti 1
12 Proxy City Unitatea Teritoriala din Stinga Nistrului 15