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New rates

Starting from today we upscale our pricing schedule. Old rates remain without changes. A new rate for one day is added


Changes in the Tariffs

We have added the option to buy a proxy for 6 months with the discount of 25%, and increased prices for mail tariffs


Free private proxy for 6 hours

We have increased the duration of the free test till 6 hours

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Description browser proxies

AWM PROXY for personal use – very fast proxies for personal use (in browser/icq/ftp, etc)

This proxy type is ideally suited for the following situations:
  • if you are blocked access to vkontakte.ru, odnoklassniki.ru, porno sites or entertainment resources
  • for online casinos, payment systems and other sites that block access for certain countries
  • if you need full anonymity online

Administrators often close access to standard proxy ports. Thus, some our personal proxies have also non-standard ports like - SMTP(:21), FTP, etc.

It is prohibited:
1. To use proxies in automatic mode (spamming, parsing, brute)
2. To send letters via proxy