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How do you pay us with PayPal?

Please help us improve and enhance our service and advise us on how to accept PayPal


Please update your links to proxy lists

From now on every user will have a personal link to proxy list. The old ones will be disabled on April, 1. Please update your links!



We introduce a new free promo-tariff. You can use proxy for free up to 4 days!

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Instruction on Setting Proxy in Your Browser

Instruction on Setting Proxy in Your Browser

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Go to "Service"->"Internet Options"

3) Choose the tab "Connections" and press "LAN settings..."
4) Check "Use a proxy server for your LAN..." Now you can specify "Address" and "Port".

5) To use private proxies, enter "proxy.awmproxy.com:9667". Even if you want different output IP from different country, you still need to enter this one.
6) Press ??

Now, go to http://myip.ru to see your current IP address and information on it.

*If login and password window appear in your browser, it means you didn't enter your IP address in your account settings for the unobstructed access to the proxy