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Free test for old PayPal account!

Pass verification of your PayPal account and get the promo-code forf free of charge 1-day use of proxy!


We accept PayPal for payment

We have enabled PayPal payment, so you can replenish your account through PayPal


Addons in browsers

For convenience of proxy use, we've created the addon for all browsers

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Free proxies

Free proxy tariff with special offer

You can get "Standard" tariff for free and it is very simple: you should just have your old account with messages on one of the following forums.

  • One-day tariff for 3 hours
    You can get one-day tariff for 3 hours absolutely for free! Send us a personal message on one of the forums and you'll get a promo-code for activation of the tariff

  • Standard tariff for one day for free!
    To use proxy for free within one day you should leave a positive review on one of the forums listed below and write us a personal message

  • Terms of use:
  • date of registration on forum is ealier than 2017
  • AND
  • more than 15 messages on the forum

  • I got promo-code and am ready to activate it!

    Warning! Do not use to our support service, as it cannot promote your case. We provide promo-codes once per day, please be patient