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Addons in browsers

For convenience of proxy use, we've created the addon for all browsers


Increased number of proxy and a new tariff

We have raised the number of proxy and added a new VIP tariff. We've also provided a possibility to test it for free!

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Proxy from Bulgaria

Online proxies from country Bulgaria - 32
For the chosen tariff, the number of proxy available from this country makes32
#   City Amount
2 Proxy with indefinite city 13
3 Proxy City Varna 6
4 Proxy City Plovdiv 2
5 Proxy City Sofia 2
6 Proxy City Gorna Oryahovitsa 1
7 Proxy City Gabrovo 1
8 Proxy City Iskrets 1
9 Proxy City Kirkovo 1
10 Proxy City Dobrodan 1
11 Proxy City Vidin 1
12 Proxy City Shumen 1
13 Proxy City Pleven 1
14 Proxy City Samokov 1

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