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Special tariff for working with Instagram

From now on, you will need to buy "Google&Instagram" tariff to work with Instagram.
Old tariffs will work with Instagram till the end of the paid period


We don't accept PayPal!

Dear customers, we had to completely cease accepting PayPal payments in any form


We accept PayPal for payment

We have enabled PayPal payment, so you can replenish your account through PayPal

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Free proxies

PayPal Payments


We do not accept PayPal at all but we can recommend exchange services that will exchange PayPal for Webmoney we will gladly accept.
Firstly, it is an automatic but not immediate service http://exchangex.ru/index_eng.php
Secondly, these are exchangers that have a big number of positive testimonials and good reputation (we are not responsible for them) on the exchangers’ specialized forum mmgp.ru:
ICQ: 586495867, Skype: polydirection.com - the testimonials are at the following address http://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=81648
ICQ: 555111, jabber: [email protected], skype: begemot.exchange - the testimonials are at the following address http://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=89772
ICQ: 625929834, Skype: doping_sss, Jabber: [email protected] - the testimonials are at the following address http://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=98783

Attention! Exchangers are not aware of awm proxy, that's why it is better to write them that you want to exchange PayPal to Webmoney and indicate the following e-wallet to send webmoney Z397264371268

If you know other appropriate exchangers, please send a message to the following address: [email protected] or, even better, to ICQ 434929.

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